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"Corvair Specialties Mission Statement"

A hobby, dedicated to the improvement of the only air-cooled auto engine this country ever produced...the GM Corvair, 6-cylinder flat opposed engine that is capable of 300HP in an improved/modified form. My bottom-line objective is to help you get the most out of your Corvair engine's performance.

I have devoted a large amount of time and effort developing and dyno-testing high-performance, high-quality, Nikasil cylinders, billet crankshafts, roller camshafts, and related parts that are in use today. 


These are the high-quality parts and services I offer...last updated 2/13/15.

-Cast Aluminum/Nikasil Cylinders -Billet Stroked Crankshaft Kit
- Complete Roller Camshaft Kit - Roller Rocker Arms
- Forged Steel Connecting Rods - Coming Soon...Kevlar Clutch Disk
- Coming Soon...Complete Valve Train Components - NOW AVAILABLE!...Block Stud Kit Ream to Fit
- Coming Soon...High Volume Oil Pump Kit - NOW AVAILABLE!...Full-Flow Oil Cooling Kit
- Off-Road Electric Cooling Fan Kit - Street Electric Cooling Fan Kit
- Girdle Kit - Cast Aluminum Valve Covers

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California Corvairs - Worldwide supplier of Corvair parts, service, and accessories. 

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