Corvair Stock to High-Performance Specialist

Well here I am in my 70's enjoying retirement and having a lot of fun
with my Corvair powered dune buggies.

I'm Canadian born and am a US citizen by choice...for weather's not my fault the founding fathers divided up the
continent the wrong way.

I spend my summers in Abbotsford, British Columbia and my winters in
Yuma, Arizona...dual citizen and dual works for me.

My career work was in telecomunications with a passion for fast I built several drag racing cars in cluding a AA/F dragster
in the early 70's...I am a licensed master mechanic with a degree in
mechanical engineering. I owned and operated K&L Racing Products in
Calgary Alberta Canada. All told I have over 40 years experience
specializing in high-performance parts and service.

I really enjoy my Corvair hobby along with's neat to make
a few dollars from a hobby. I try my best to have the products I sell
made in America or Canada...but in case you haven't noticed the US is
becoming outsources a lot of if
I can't have it made in the US or Canada at a reasonable(Corvair
lover's price) I will look elsewhere.

I have visited several SEMA/APEX shows in Las Vegas to personally
inspect the products of the factories I retain for manufacturing. They
are very proud of their products and strictly adhere to ISO-9001
manufacturing standards.

That being said...I want to tell what I like and dislike...I do enjoy
responding to customer inquiries that ask intelligent questions and
what if senarios. I try my best to respond quickly and in detail to
enlighten them as to what I can do for their Corvair motor.

What I don't fact despise...are these people in my business
that do not take the time to buy or inpsect my products...they usually
do not have any idea what they are talking about. They bad-mouth Asian
made products...when it is that they are their local Walmart's best
customer. These people are HIPPOCRITS(big mouthed critic).

So if you're building a car or aircraft motor...I encourage you to
think for yourself...don't subscribe to some self proclaimed guru or
cult leader.



 ( Pictures comming soon )



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