- Introducing "NIKIEVAIRS" Made In The USA-

This product makes the Corvair engine more like it's German counterpart, the Porsche.  


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The cylinders, now aluminum, allow the engine, to expand and contract in unison.


are made from high-quality A356 aluminum and then heat treated before being precision CNC machined to closer than OEM tolerances. These lightweight(2.1lb.)cylinders are 2.9lbs. lighter than the OEM cast iron cylinder which takes 17.4lbs. off the nose of an airplane. OEM studs and a torque spec of 38ft.lbs. are recommended. Cast iron or moly rings are also rings will NOT work. 


NikieVairs are available in any bore size from 3.4375(standard) to 3.7 (largest overbore), they are fully-finned to eliminate the weak spots. Nickasil is an electro-plating procedure to apply a .004 thick Nickel Silicone Carbide lining to the cylinder. It is diamond hard and is impervious to abrasion. A piston could melt down from detonation and not harm the cylinder surface. Increased cooling significantly reduces head and oil temperatures, also significantly reduced cylinder wear and increased ring life due to superior oiling (NSC composite coating is oleophilic ie. oil- liking). There are only two places in the USA that can do this process and I use the best one...Millenium Technologies offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their work...which I pass on to you.

Every Harley Davidson EVO has nickel/silicone cylinders.


Complete Set of 6 Cylinders to your bore size.........................................1550USD

Check the price of a Porsche or Harley Davidson cylinder...I'm cheaper!

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