- Introducing "ELECTRO-COOL™" for street use-

This product updates the Corvair engine cooling 45 years...the engineers in the 1960's did not have this technology available to them.  


 ( Mouse on the picture to see kit installed)

The mechanical belt driven fan consumes 25hp at's thru-put is linear and will only produce 1850CFM of air. My Electro-Cool fan puts out a constant 2500CFM all the time... when called for by the in-head thermal switch.


are available for all Corvair engines. When you remove the stock fan and mount including the inner baffle... you replace them with my .1875(3/16") cover plate using the special bolts supplied. It comes with the motor installed. Before installing the shroud and fan...I highly recommend a thorough cleaning of the top of your'll be suprised how much crud is trapped there. You can route the fan wires either down past the rear head shroud or through a hole hole in the top shroud. Then you reinstall your stock shroud using the new gasket material provided. Make sure there are no leaks as this will compromise the fan performance. Be careful to align your shroud so that the fan rotates without touching the shroud. It is necessary to upgrade the OEM 35amp alternator to 75amps(not supplied). Install it using the new mounting bracket supplied...also the belt and belt tensioner supplied. Next, you remove the left side baffling to expose the original thermal switch. All wiring and relay is supplied...wire it per instructions. 


Every Corvair should be "Electro-Cooled".


"Street Electro-Cool" fan kit includes: engine top cover with motor mounted to it, wiring kit with temperature sensor, alternator bracket, belt tensioner and belt, shroud to block gasket material, all bolts and fasteners....does not include fan..................................................500USD

Customer Testimonial: "I have to say that what I am seeing in the pictures, the build quality is 1st rate, and I love that you made it to work and look factory." -- Dave Awdish, Auto Masters Corp.

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