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My roller rocker arms provide two very important attributes for the Corvair engine. First they significantly reduce valve stem to guide wear. Secondly they significantly increase cooling. I currently have stock of two styles...the 1:56(OEM ratio) in a single design for the 140 late model which are color coded for easy installation. I also have 1:7 high lift rocker arms(also late model) with two rocker arms mounted on a pedastal.  


 ( Mouse on the picture for view of double rockers )

A roller rocker arm is supported on both sides with needle bearings...thereby eliminating the wobble of the conventional ball and stud design. The original ball and stud design is flawed in that the rocker arm tip rubs back and forth accross the tip of the valve...thereby causing the valve stem and guide to wear. A roller rocker arm also significantly increases cooling by reducing friction.

"My roller rocker arms"

are manufactured from heat treated 7009T6 high quality aluminum extrusions heat treated to T6. The steel components are made from 3140 steel. They are precision CNC machined to my drawings and specifications. My single rockers are 100 grams lighter than my competition and have 30 needle bearings in each assembly. They are made in China by a factory that specializes in OEM valve train components. They are managed under the ISO9001-2000 quality system. I have put my trust in can do the same. I fully warranty all my products against manufacturing defects. 


Every Corvair engine should be fully "rollerized".


Roller Rocker Arm Set includes: 6 blue intake and 6 red exhaust and 12 polylock adjusting nuts .................,350USD. I do have the longer studs required at ........ 120USD EA. High lift set includes 6 intake/exhaust assemblies and special head nuts ......... 475USD.

Check the price of my competition...I'm cheaper!

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